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Name:Emilio Eron Alvarez
Birthdate:Mar 13
Location:TriBeCa, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Emilio Eron Alvarez was born in Puerto Rico, and whilst his mother was the manager of a resort there, his father was a loser no hoper that Emilio frankly wanted to hunt down and punch repeatedly in the face for a good portion of his teenage years. A thief and a drug dealer, he was on a drug run to Puerto Rico when he met Emilio's mother, Josefina Benitez. She didn't know he was a criminal or a drug dealer, and after a passionate fling (love-making being the one thing he was good at), she married him way too soon and Emilio was conceived within days of their marriage. In less than a week, the cops were on his tail and he skipped the country back to The Bronx in New York, where he went on to father two more children, Destina and Jax. Unfortunately, Emilio's half sister and brother didn't have near as contented an upbringing as he did, but luckily when their father was thrown in jail and the prison alerted Josefina so she could finally get divorced, she discovered his two other children and told Emilio about them. Emilio was only a year older than Destina, but barely eight years old when he found out about his siblings. It was way too young and he didn't really care much at the time. Josefina kept in touch with their mother, though, so there was a link there if they all ever wanted to meet each other. As soon as she was divorced, she married her boyfriend of three years, Carlos, and he was the only father Emilio ever knew until he drowned in a boating accident where he was a tour guide for the resort Josefina managed.

Eventually, when Emilio was 20, he felt the urge to get to know his siblings. By this time, he had been working as a swimwear model in Puerto Rico, and ended up moving to California to pursue the career further. He earned enough money to get a modelling agent and he came out to his mom and Carlos when he arrived back home for Christmas with a boyfriend, Ian, in tow. Ian was his first love, and the relationship lasted a couple of years before Ian ended up cheated on him with woman. That was when he first got in touch with Destina via email, feeling lonely in California during a string of boring modelling jobs and a brief stint in acting that he hated. It was just in time too, because Destina revealed very early on that Jax had been knifed in a brawl and was in a bad way. Emilio found himself faced with the dilemma of taking a modelling job with Levi Jeans or go to New York to meet his sister and support her through the scary time. He went to New York and stayed until Jax was out of the woods.

He did go back to California, though, but by then, had a taste for New York. Going back, he felt the hole inside where he yearned to know his siblings better, but he just dove back into work and kicked of another relationship with a guy, Mike, who owned a gay bar on the beach. That was how Emilio started working as a go-go dancer and discovered it was much more of a steady wage than the modelling work. It did him for a couple of years, and when the relationship didn't really spark, he stayed friends with Mike. In fact, it was Mike who would lead him to the biggest break of his career - an offer to be a model of Calvin Klein that would require a permanent move to New York.

Emilio did want to be closer to Destina and Jax, emailing them both frequently by this point. But he was in two minds about whether he wanted to make that big a move and it scared him. Unlike his siblings, and despite the fact he's very passionate and adores sex, he was more of a quieter and subtle personality. Destina and Jax were both wild, rough, with a tough upbringing that hardened them both for the sake of surviving. Emilio, on the other hand, had a big heart, a great sense of humour, but had a nurturing soul where he wanted to get married one day, settle down with a lovely husband, and maybe even have kids and a dog. His modelling and public persona as a sex god is merely a mask, just like many people live behind. He was the one who had a big debate with Destina via email about how making love was way better than fucking and Destina had jokingly queried how the hell he could be their biological brother. Emilio was very much like his mother, who was ambitious and took to being a mother like a duck to water.

It was two events that ultimately pushed Emilio to decide to take the contract with Calvin Klein and move to New York. First, he lost his stepfather in the terrible boating accident and it crushed him. He went back to Puerto Rico to be with his mother and support her through her grief, but before he even made it home, he ended up being mugged and robbed at the ATM. Thankfully, he wasn't seriously injured, but has a scar at the base of this throat near his collarbone from the knife he was held with. Thank god for make up and Photoshop. It spooked him. It spooked his mother, and with that, they both decided to move to New York where they could start afresh, where Emilio could finally get to know his siblings better and where Josefina could be with her now best friend, Destina and Jax's mother.

Emilio's tag @ dreamlikenewyork is HERE

"I'm not the only one starin' at the sun
Afraid of what you'd find if you took a look inside"

Staring at the Sun, U2

Emilio is an Original Character with no fandom affiliation. For RP purposes only. His PB is Marlon Teixeira, who belongs to himself.

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